Sue Billington


Hi Sharon,I have just linked to and watched your healthy spine video. I wanted to tell you that is by far the most well explained and comprehensive preventative back pain video I have seen and trust me I have viewed many!! I look forward to passing this on to my friends and family. The way you describe a tucked pelvis is so clear. It took me years to figure out exactly what this term actually meant. The diagrams that you use are simple and effective.


I continue to benefit from the Feldenkrais exercises that you recommended a couple of years ago for me to improve my pelvic rotation when running. Like yourself I have had a long journey to become whole after a devastating motor vehicle accident. However, your injuries were more traumatic. You are an inspiration and role model to those of us out there recovering their  health after debilitating accidents and aspiring to run again without compensations.


I went tubing last night in slush and pranced along slowly and had a great time. This morning not only can I walk, but I am in 80% less pain than 2 days ago. Almost no pain in my kneecap, and only some soreness in the muscles around the knee. Miraculous! You have given me real hope! Thank you Sharon!

“Listening to Your Inner Voice” – Workshop Testimonial

“I wanted to express how much I enjoyed Sharon’s workshop “Listening to Your Inner Voice”.  I attended both the first workshop at the MARC and the workshop at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Sharon began the workshop by discussing how women find it very difficult to give time and attention to ourselves when we are so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs. This certainly resonated with me.  She discussed and gave examples of how to listen to our inner voices and stay true to ourselves. Then she walked us through a relaxed ‘practice’ session where we recognized times when we have and have not made good choices in life and what the feelings were at those times.  I appreciated this part the most; attempting to get a handle on the sensations and images I get with my decision-making. I also really enjoyed discussing our experiences in a relaxed and casual atmosphere over the delicious food provided by Ruth’s Chris. All in all it was a very enjoyable and enlightening evening.”

- Susanna

Rebecca Page

Please, please, please add another class at Silver Mountain.  I have received more benefit from these classes than any other I have ever attended.

Trekking Workshop Testimonial

“Sharon taught us techniques to use while hiking to protect our knees – plant your poles for stability and engage your core. What a pleasure to hike with confidnce on the trail, knowing that my knees won’t be sore at the end of the hike.”

– Char