Testimonial – Liz Masakayan

“Doctors told me that I would never get back to the top of my game after numerous knee surgeries on both of my knees.  I tried everything and was becoming very discouraged until I met Sharon and was introduced to Feldenkrais in 1996.  After working with her, not only did I get back to being ranked number one, but I live a pain free active lifestyle today.  Since Sharon has moved to Park City several years ago, I have yet to find a Feldenkrais practitioner as good as her in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.  However, I continue to go to weekly classes and see a practitioner when needed…it is a very important part of keeping my body functioning effortlessly and efficiently.”

Liz Masakayan
Indoor Volleyball Olympian
Beach Volleyball World Champion
2 time Olympic Beach Volleyball Coach