Sue Billington

I read your story in your profile about all the adversity that you have overcome to continue to pursue the dream of continuing to excel at the sport that you love and I was humbled. I needed to stumble on your page at this point of my journey because I have nearly given up on my dream of returning to marathon running. I was involved in a near fatal car accident five years ago and I have made a miraculous recovery but finding my running gait has eluded me. I have glimpses of my old form and then it drifts within seconds. I’m hoping that by following your audio links I may find my step once again. I have been following Jack Heggie’s book on running with Feldenkrais and I practice Hanna Somatics on a daily basis but when I get out there running I’m having trouble initiating effortless gait. I have trouble breathing no matter what my pace and I still feel as though I’m compensating. I will listen to your audios and I have joined your email list!

You have given me back my hope! I cried a lot while I read more about you and could so relate to everything you said.

Like you my injuries are to the left side of my body and I came to realize yesterday that I have to accept that this side will never be perfect. I need to now maximize and integrate every good part of me! I felt bad about your knee and I hope that you are doing well with it. I forwarded your story to another running friend who has knee problems and has been told she shouldn’t run. This is so hard to do when running is the love of your life. I’m so looking forward to running effortlessly once again. If I hadn’t stumbled onto your web page yesterday I would have given up.