Private Session Testimonial – Marilyn Sullivan

I started working withSharonlast year in May, after I had injured my knee playing volleyball.  After the first time I had met with her, I immediately noticed a difference in the way my body felt.  Before I had gone in, I had not known what to expect and afterwards anything I had been expecting had paled in comparison to what actually happened. Sharonloosened up my limbs, and whereas before I had seen her I had felt cramped and compressed, afterwards I felt stretched and elongated.  I continued seeingSharonand every time I saw her, I felt better and better about the condition of my body.

I used to hunch over a lot, and my mother would complain about my posture while I was standing or sitting.  Now, I have noticed a difference in the way I stand and sit, and I accredit all toSharon.  I stand up straighter and do not walk around hunched over as much as I used to.  My back used to cramp up a lot because I hunched over so much, but becauseSharonhas helped me to straighten my posture out, my back does not cramp up as much as it used to.

Sharonhas also helped me so much through my knee injury.  She has helped me through my recovery and has helped make me stronger as a result of her work. Sharonis one-of-a-kind in the work that she does, and I feel honored to be able to see her.

Marilyn Sullivan