Hiking Workshop Testimonial – Karen Duker

I attended one of Sharon’s hiking workshops. That particular weekend I was caring for my friends’ dogs. While walking them I found it very difficult to climb the hill on the road near my house. I was very winded and had to stop a couple of times. I know I have not been walking so much. After the workshop I climbed the same hill with the same dogs being cognoscente of what I learned fromSharon. I walked with intention and climbed that hill with not a problem and not winded. What a difference!

My biggest Ah Hah was that I have never been able to walk or go down any stairs in my ski boots. I now know why. We had practiced “hiking” on the staircase of the gym we were working in. I have stairs in my home that I very often miss the last step. I hang onto the rail all the time. Now with this new found method I am much more balanced and stable. I know I will not have ski boot anxiety going down stairs again.

Thanks so much,Sharon. These classes have done so much for me in such little subtle ways. I am so thrilled to have found these classes.

Karen Duker